Outlook 2010 Quick Steps Don't Save (Global Address Book)



I am not able to save changes made to my Outlook 2010 Quick Steps. Here's some starting information.

The company I work for does not, as of yet, employ Microsoft Exchange Server so all of our Outlook clients are configured as POP3 accounts.

The company I work for does have a global address book configured as an LDAP directory.

When attempting to add an e-mail address to an Outlook 2010 Quick Step, such as " To Manager" , I am unable to save those configuration settings.

The behavior I see is similar to the bug posted at http://www.slipstick.com/outlook/ol2010/qs_bug.asp but the difference being that I'm attempting to add addresses from the global address book instead of a local one.

I can " Find" the e-mail addresses and add them to the " To" field without issue but the Quick Step will not save.

Does anyone know of a workaround that works in this environment or an estimated timeframe on a fix?



No. It doesn't seem to matter how I enter address data into that rule, it flat out will not save.



Team E-mail First Time Setup

If I manually type the employee's e-mail address into the " To..." text box and click the " Check Names" box, the address is converted from the e-mail address to the LDAP name automatically. Also, I do see that IM status icon appear just to the left of the name. So the lookup appears to be working without issue but I am still not able to save the configuration changes. Pressing the " Save" button does nothing.

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