Can't "Arrange By" Outlook 2010 Inbox by Flag Status

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I recently upgraded from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010. I like to use Flags to flag any message I need to follow-up on and I usually add a reminder. In Outlook 2003 I could click on the heading over the Inbox and I could select " Flag Status" and with the one click my Inbox would be sorted by Flag Status and then by Date.

I can't figure out how to do this same thign in Outlook 2010. I can get it to sort the Inbox by Flag Status if I go into View Settings and then go into the Sort screen and define my sort and click OK. However, this is only good until I sort by some other column. Once I change the sort, the only way I can find to get back to havcing my Inbox sorted by Flag Status is to go through the View Settings. It is very cumbersome.

Is there a way to add " Flag:Status" to the Drop Down Sort list that appears when you click the column header? " Flag:Start Date" and " Flag:Due Date" are already options, but not " Flag:Status" .

Hassan El-Meligy, MSc

Hi In Outlook 2010 View - Columns (there is already the field [flag status] and it could be used for sorting and it appears on the view displayed You also can click on the flag and sort. Look at it once more, make sure that you are selecting form [Select the fields filter] shows down at the end of the form


I don't really understand what you are saying. When I go to the View ribbon bar, there is no " Columns" section. There is, however, an " Arrangement" section which shows all the fields for sorting. However, the only " Flag" fields in this section are Flag:Start Date and Flag:Due Date - even though neither of these columns are selected in my view. The only Flag column I have selected in my view is Flag:Status, and this column does NOT show up in the " Arrangement" section of the Ribbon Bar.

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