I am currently having problems / issues with MS Project 2010 and MS Outlook 2010 freezing

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I have recently received an all singing all dancing computer that NASA would be proud of. The computer has been equipped with the latest MS 2010 software. However I am suffering with some issues of which are as follows:-

1. Outlook freezing during start up this I can deal with as I just close and restart the outlook program through task manager - annoyance level - minor.

2. MS Project freezing (including the whole computer) within mid Project causing loss of any unsaved work as my only action is closing down via task manager or forcing a system restart - annoyance level - extreme - In fact, some days I feel like taking my computer outside to the village square and stoning it!

3. MS Project not saving a file correctly on my drive/sever thus corrupting it and then I'm unable to open said file thus loss of total project - annoyance level - don"t even go there!!

Has anyone else having the same issues or even better got any solutions J

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The freezing issue might be related to many factors.

First, please uncheck Outlook and Program from startup: click Start > Run, type msconfig and press Enter. Go to Startup tab, and uncheck the box before Outlook and Project, and other Office programs.

Second, try to repair the Office and Project program from control panel > Add/Remove Programs. Right click the program and choose Change, then Repair.

Sally Tang


Good afternoon Sally

Firstly let me thank you for your prompt reply

I have carried out your above suggestions however the problems/issues are very much still alive and well.

In fact, just this very afternoon within MS Project 2010 while assigning resources to various tasks at the same time via the summary information window both of my screen turned white and froze up solid. The only program I was able to access was the computer task manager to force a close (and lose of work) and the windows 7 via the window key on my keyboard.

Another issue I"m suffering with the print and print view. They seem to be several links showing up in the print (hard copy) and the project print preview screen that are neither in the Gantt screen nor the Gantt predecessors/successors. Furthermore the links travel further than the project start date and summary line. The only resolve I have found is to remove the links via the layout screen thus not making very good presentations.

Any further ideas on these matters would be extremely appreciated?

Please note for future reference: Windows 7 doesn"t call it add/remove programs now... it"s now called “programs and features” woohoo J

Once again thank you for your help in this matter.

Kind regards

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