Outlook 2010 not downloading 'some' pdfs for 'some' users?

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Here's the scenario.

Environment: We have dell machines running windows 7 and office 2010 at about 4gigs memory on an office network/domain.

Email Account info: We're all on pop accounts with web account access available. The server is outside of the building and the vendor has a spam filter on it but I'm not sure if that is even relevant as the email makes it to the webmail side. I would think that spam filter would filter emails before it hits the webmail? We have had other items blocked with extra periods in it).

Email Info: We have a copier/scanner that sends pdfs with this as the subject: (Scanned: Kyocera Mita 5035 DOWN) and this as the pdf file name: (SCAN5035DS3150_000.pdf) Email sizes range from anything from half a meg to 10 megs (our accounts allow up to 20 I think). I thought about the punctuation but again, it"s making it to the webmail side and if it were blocked it shouldn"t even make it there right?

It"s not being filtered through rules to another folder… My users are not that savvy AND I"ve searched however when I log into the mail side, it clearly is marked as downloaded.

Further if I forward them from the webmail to the original recipient or other recipients and surprisingly the email gets there!?! Additional complications, it still works for some people but not others? So it can"t be something in the cisco firewall at the front of our building.

My best guess is that it"s a setting in Outlook or something?

Does anyone have any ideas to check that I haven"t thought of?

Natasha Dsouza

Is this issue specific to specific computers or specific users?

Does this issue occur if the user facing the issue login to any computer?

What is the format of the email account you have configured in Outlook (POP, IMAP, Exchange, MAPI)?

Check the junk email settings and rules configured in Outlook on the machine in which the issue occurs.
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