Active Directory domain 'FECR' has an unrecognized Exchange signature. Current DomainPrep version: 1

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Tom Berchenbriter

I am running Exchange 2010 SP1 and I am getting this error. previous posts say something about SP1 fixing this. I have not found anything that is broken due to it, but it does report as critical. What is the risk of leaving it like this, and does anybody know how to fix it? AD should already be prepped as we have already migrated and are in production.

Steve Goodman

Where do you see the error, just in ExBPA?


Steve Goodman
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Novak Wu

The error is just a bug in Exchange 2010 RTM and it will not cause any risk. However, it should be fixed after installing Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1. I suggest you install all recent updates for Exchange 2010, such as rollup 4. Also, please launch ExBPA and click “Updates and Customer Feedback” to check the latest updates.


Novak Wu