Outlook is trying to re-download 6,000 emails already downloaded for no apparent reason, how do i st

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Guruprasad Ra

What type of email account do you use in Outlook (POP3, IMAP or an Exchange)?

Do the duplicate emails exist in webmail as well?

Create a back-up folder on webmail and then transfer all emails from the webmail inbox to the back-up folder and then check in Outlook.

Brian Tillman

Senior Member
Log into your mailbox using a web interface. Delete all of the unneeded messages and create another server-side folder. Move to that folder all the remaining Inbox messages that are not new. Because they're not in the Inbox, Outlook won't be able to see them and won't try to download them again. They're still be on the server and you'll be able to access via the web interface.

This happens if you create a new mail profile. Outlook loses the information that tells it what messages have been downloaded before.

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