OL 07- add category to Calendar Details Style printouts


a) is there a way to EDIT the OL 2007 "Calendar Details Style" printout to add the category field?

b) ideally, I would like to duplicate the Palm Desktop calendar Dates (List Format) printout. That has two columns (compared to OL one), Day/Date, Start-End times, category, Subject and notes (complete & wrapped).

I have tried the Calendar Printing Assistant v2.0 and I cannot seem to find a "details" printout that I can modify.


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No, the templates in outlook are not editable.

I'm not familiar wuth the palm list format, but the only things you can control in a print out is when using the list view - fields in the view print as does the 3 line preview.

There is not an apointment template for the CPA but the day versions should include the details in most cases.


I have tried to attach 2 jpg images to this reply that show the outlook and palm formats, but the size limit is 4.9kb. I cannot even upload a 320x200 16kb image.

any ideas how I can get these examples loaded for viewing and clarity?

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You should be able to upload them - the limit for new users is just under 40KB. (It's unlimited for 'registered users' so it will eventually go up.)

if you don't have a site to use, you can use the screenshot library at xsolive.com.