Configure Increase Outlook 2007 PST size limit

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I've tried to extend my Outlook 2007 file size limit (as shown here, but in my key registry there is no Office under Policies ... WHY ??

could only find System Certificates and Windows, under Policies/Microsoft.

where else could i find these files, please ?
* The MaxFileSize registry entry
* The WarnFileSize registry entry
* The MaxLargeFileSize registry entry
* The WarnLargeFileSize registry entry

I realy need to change my PST file size limit, got to 19.9GB adn blocking some days until i delete heavy emails.

I'm using Win7Pro, before was running PST in XP Pro.

thank you




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If any of the keys don't exist, create them. So you'd go to


and add a key for Office then add a key under it for 14.0 then one for Outlook, then one for PST and you should end up with this:


A "do it for me" is at If the values aren't want you want, you can edit the values after the reg file creates the keys for you.
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