Missing folders/emails in imported Archive PST

I'm using Outlook 2010. I have imported my archive file from my previous version of Outlook (2070).

There are several folders that don't show up that should be there including the "sent item" folder. And there are missing emails in some of the folders that do show up.

Viewing the folder properties from within outlook states the total size is 75390kb. But the size of the actual folder is 2.2GB. So it seems the data is still there, but just not showing up in Outlook.

Can someone tell me what might be going on?

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If you open the old pst using File, Open, do you see the missing folders? FWIW, importing is not necessary when moving from 2007 to 2010, provided the pst is the new Unicode format. You can add it to the profile and set it as the default pst.
I see a some of the folders, most are empty. The ones with content only have more recent content. Some of the missing folders have a bulk of the content, but I can't see them listed. The main one is the "sent items" that I need to view again.

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if you press Ctrl+6 to go to the folder list, do you see the missing folders? (while the old is pst opened in the profile)
No, it doesn't. I just made a list of folders appear for my default account (calendar, contacts, journal, etc) and made my favorites list go away. How do I get that back?

Also, doesn't the discrepency in the file sizes indicate there is a problem?
I'm also wondering in the 2.2 GB file size is an issue. I'm currently trying to compress a copy of the archive on a different machine to see if that makes any difference.
yes it seems to open fine. Again, I see some things. Just not everything (actualy a lot). Given the fact says the file size is 75,000kb and the actuall file says 2.2 GM, there seems to be a large chunk of info that is not being recognized. I also tried compressing a copy of file to 1.5 GB on another computer and had the same results.
I think I've figured out that the file may be corrupt. I tested out some expensive PST recovery software. I seems to have uncovered all of the missing folders and emails, but won't let me see the text of the emails until I pay for the full version of the software. Are there any recommendation for good and low(no) cost PST recovery solutions? Thanks!