How to set up to phone so I can dial contacts with MS Outlook2007?

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I have a 2 line cordless phone. one line AT&T, other line Vonage.

I have been on support/ and yet I cannot find a specific url that shows specific instructionshow I can set up so i can dial out onto vonage account from outlook or set up to dial out on any line for that matter.

there are many instructions on there that you tell you how to use it but only after it is set up not before. Like pulling the cart before the horse

i have a cable modem. Can you walk me through how to set up so I can use this function?

If possible, it would be nice to be able to set up for both lines but I will settle for anything. Please advise...

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This something you cannot do with a cable modem, it requires an old fashioned Fax/Data modem connected to your telephone line with the telephone plugged into the telephone (pass through) jack on the modem. Outlook uses the dialer in the modem to place the call, then you pickup the handset on the phone after the modem finishes dialing. More info is here:

Troubleshoot dialing from Outlook - Outlook - Microsoft Office


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