What is the filename where outlook stores email account details?



I have a normal ISP mail account and a Live mail account. Both link into Outllok 2007. I move from business to business as a consultant and sometimes have problems reciving mail on a client system. I had some changes made to my ISP outgoing server details and have had continuing problems ever since. I want to go back to a system backup ad get the old details, but do not know where to look, what file name or directory.

Ruchi Bisht

You need to contact your ISP (e.g. charter, Comcast etc.) to get the correct server and the port information.

Note: If you move from one location to another, the service provider settings changes and you need to change the outgoing server information accordingly, however you can login to your web mail to access the e-mails when you are travelling.

Ruchi Bisht