Outlook Removing Attachments



We have an issue with Outlook 2003 whereby it is stripping attachments from emails being recieved from a client.

2 users were sent an email from a client which had a PDF file attached. when they checked the email in there Outlook client the email had been recieved and was the correct size but there was no attachment. both of the associates have blackberry devices and could see the attachment on them.

If they forward the email from their blackberry to themsleves they recieve the email with the attachment. We use Mail Marshal to filter all incoming emails and have confirmed that this has not stripped the attachment and also confirmed that Exchange is not stripping the attachment.

i cannot find any options in Outlook that would strip the attachment, also normaly when outlook strips an attachment it would display a banner bar advising that it has stripped the attachment and give a reason but it is not doing that

Can anyone help?

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

What anti-virus software are you using? Probably it's stripping the attachments.

What kind of e-mail account is it? POP3? Exchange? Hotmail? Something else?


We run Mcafee Anti viruis and i can confirm that this is not stripping the attachemnt. as stated above these users are running Outlook 2003 with a exchange account. we also have a mail filter in place and we have confirmed that the attachment is not being stripped here.

The attachment is definatley being stipped once it hits the Outlook Client on there machines

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