Copying Outlook Categories to the attachment (MS word) body in bulk. Is this possible?

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Hi All

I had some very kind help on this forum before so thought I'd come back again!

I am looking to find a way of copying the outlook categories in my incoming emails that I manually set myself on receipt of each email, to the actual MS word document of each email.

To explain:

I have an inbox folder full of categorised emails all with ms word documents attached.(people email me their cvs which i store). I want to copy the MS outlook categories (for example "redcategory2") to the text within the CV/MS word attachment.

So I can open up the cv / word doc and in it somewhere it will read "redcategory2".

One point to note is that many of the emails have multiple categories assigned (typically 3 or 4), all of which I want to import into the word document.

I have thousands of emails I wish to do this with, so if there is a way of doing it in bulk that would be great.

Many thanks indeed in anticipation.

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The only way i know of, short of maybe VBA, is to copy the line from the inbox with the category visible and pasting it in the document (use paste special, text).

Just select the item in the inbox, Ctrl+C to copy, paste special, as text into word.



thanks Diane

Your help is very much appreciated.

a) how would i copy the category line? the categories appear in bubbles and cant be copied, unless I'm misunderstanding.

b) How much would it cost to get someone to develop this functionality for me do you think, as I would really like it to be automated / able to do it in bulk rather than manually for each individual email? I'm in the UK.

Many thanks again
Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange

Select the message in the message list, Ctrl+C to copy, paste into Notepad, Excel or whatever - screenshot of the results pasted into notepad. If you need fewer fields, create a custom view with those fields and use it when copying.

If you paste into Word, you need to use paste special, otherwise you will paste the message, not the text. If you do this often, get a little utility caleed PureText and you can easily remove the OLE stuff and paste plain text easily.



Thank you so much for your kind help again Diane.

You are most kind.

Could I trouble you and ask if their is a way to automate this process so I can automatically copy and past the categories into the word attachment without having to open up each attachment and do it manually.

If this is something a developer can do do you know what sort of price I would be looking at, and are you able to reccomend anyone?

Thank you so much.




Hi Michael.

Many thanks.

This sounds ridiculous but what's your email. Can I email via this site. I know I must be missing something here. It is late so pls excuse me!