How do I find/open Address Book in Windows7 and insert my Outlook Contacts?

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I recently transfered Outlook Contacts from old computer (Windows XP) to new computer using Windows7. Contacts now appear in Outlook, but there is no Address Book in the Windows7 Address Box, and no link to Outlook (Sent to) when sending new emails. Q. How do I open an Address Book and insert my Outlook Contacts?

Gordon B-P

If you are using Outlook why on earth would you want (or need) to DUPLICATE contacts?

Karl Timmermans

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Is your question specifically about not seeing your existing contacts in the Outlook AddressBook?

If yes, then either

- the OAB service needs to be added to your Outlook profile or
- as may very likely be the case, you need to create a new Outlook profile since this is an issue that may be the result of how you transfered from one machine to another

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