Cannot import Xp based outlook .pst file into Outlook 2007 with Bus Contact Manager.

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Upgraded to 2 new win 7 computers and found that I had to purchase a lot of software to get up to speed. Have outlook 2010 on a laptop , while Outlook 2007 with contct mgr is on a destop. So 3 questions, 1- dodnot really need Outlook on the laptop and wand to know if I can transfer it to the destop and have it work with the contact manager. or do I need to buy more software. Bottom line is I need to get my old Outlook express files onto Outllok and thrw away the Outlook that does not work with the Contact manager.

Brian Tillman

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Do not import a PST. There is no need. Simply open it. Click the File tab, then Open>Open Outlook Data File. Browse to the folder containing the PST, select it, and click OK.
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