Re: How do I delete multiple .PST files at same time in outlook 2010?__

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David Bruno

Due to an Itunes/Outlook conflict, 1000's of .pst contact files were created. Deleyting them one at a time will take days. How can I delete multiple .pst files simutaneously?


Ben I am having the problem you just described. It didnt create extra .pst file it just created thousands of _ModGrp...folders under contacts. You cannot delete the contacts folder so i have been forced to try and delete the contact folders one by one.

Is there a way to do a mass delete of contact folders?

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

It created subfolders under the Contacts folder?

If so...I'd be tempted to just create an new Outlook PST file and copy your items (including the primary Contacts folder, but not the subs) over to that new PST file, then discard the old file.

Probably easier than trying to delete thousands of subfolders.
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