Synch problems with iPhone and Outlook 2007

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I have a synch problem with a german language iPhone 3GS and an english language Outlook 2007. On the iPhone the calendar is named "Kalender", in Outlook "Calendar". While sychning it creates in Outlook a new calendar "Kalender", meaning I have 2: the original "Calendar" and "Kalender". So I ended up working with the new "Kalender" also in Outlook.

The problem rises when I e.g. receive email invitations that are - when accepted - automatically entered in the calendar. Since "Calendar" is the default in Outlook it is entered there. But since this is not the calendar I use and not synchronized it causes a lot of troubles, missing schedules etc.

I did not find where I could change the default calendar nor the renaming of the calendar, not on theiPhone and not on Outlook.

Can someone help?


Karl Timmermans

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In Outlook, you cannot change or rename any folder that is part of the default folder group.

Don't know if it is possible to change (or include) the folders used by the sync software you are using but that's where it would have to occur. You may want to check with the folks at CompanionLink about <CompanionLink Pro> which supports multiple calendars to see if it will solve your problem

Your alternative if you can't change your current sync software is to use the same language settings for both Outlook and iPhone.

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