Creating Task by Dragging Item to Task Icon In Navigation Pane

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I recently upgraded to Office 2010. I experience an intermittent problem in Outlook when creating a task from an email. I drag the email to the Task icon in the navigation pane, which creates a new task item, but it immediately drops behind the main Outlook window. I need to switch windows to work on the new task.

Roady [MVP]

Can you repro this issue in Outlook Safe Mode?
Start-> type; outlook.exe /safe
(note the space in the command)

If it works now, your issue is most likely caused by an add-in.
Which add-ins do you have installed?

Disable them all and see if the issue still occurs. If not, you can enable them one-by-one to find the culprit. For details see;

Ezil Vinoth

Drag the email to the task folder in navigation pane and leave the mouse immediately, do not wait until the task gets highlighted in navigation pane. If you wait till the task gets highlighted then it goes behind the Outlook window. You can also open the email, click on move and click on tasks where you will see the task window on top.
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