'Send on Behalf Of' not functioning for Outlook 2007 calendar invitations.

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I have followed the instructions below; note that I have "Editor" delegate permissions to both my manager's Calendar and Inbox.

However, the Send on Behalf Of permissions are not functioning -- the invitations always come from my manager's name, not "My Name on behalf of My Manager's Name." Our IT department told me that I need to change my access to "Author" in her calendar delegates to Send on Behalf Of. Is this correct? If I change my access to Author, I will be unable to edit calendar meetings she creates -- I'll only be able to edit my own. Am I doing something wrong? The other Admin Assistants in the office use Editor permissions and it's working for them.

Open the other person's calendar. On the File menu, point to New, and then clickMeeting Request. In the To box, type the names of the attendees, or click To to select from a list. In the Subject box, enter the subject of the meeting. In the Location box, enter the location of the meeting. Enter the start and end times for the meeting in the Start andEnd boxes. Select other options that you want.
Note Find links to information about how to create meeting requests in theSee Also section.

Click Send.

Roady [MVP]

Have your IT department verify that you do not have the "Send As" security permission on the Active Directory object of your manager.

Don't worry if you don't know what that means; they should ;-)
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