outlook 2007 and Mobileme - unable to sync

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Have loaded Mobileme successfully but when attempt to run and make first sync get error message and Windows closes program. Attempting to check preference dialogue box to sync contacts. Advice please

Karl Timmermans

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Your description of the problem is far "too vague" for anyone to be able to provide any kind of suggestion.

Outlook is not involved in any way with the "sync" process. Any sync related settings would be part of the addin installed and not part of Outlook itself.

MobileMe support forum: http://www.apple.com/support/mobileme/

At the very least, you should have the following info when searching for any MobileMe related issue

- what exactly is the error message you encounter?
- version of MobileMe used?
- mobile device info
- is this 32 or 64bit version of Outlook?

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