MobileMe sync does mail and address book, but, does not move contacts from Outlook to MobileMe

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Bill McKamey

I have been having this problem since a iPhone software update several months ago. Reinstalled the MobileMe control panel and reenabled the MobileMe add-in. Since then the mail and calendar sync and are in the MobileMe system. Contacts, however, are not in the MobileMe system. When I add or modify contacts with the iPhone or Outlook, they are changed in the other product.

Karl Timmermans

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Outlook is in no way involved in the "sync" process itself. That is handled by the sync software utilized which uses Outlook data files. You would more likely get info related to this problem in the MobileMe support forum:

Forum : MobileMe Sync

Note: you should also always indicate whether you are using 32bit or 64bit Outlook along with specific version numbers of all software (addins etc) in use regardless of where the question is being posed.

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