Outlook will not import backup copy of contacts. I have tried file-import-etc. but nothing happens.

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I have office 2007 and had to reload software due to a hard drive crash. I have a back up copy of my outlook contacts but I cannot import them into outlook. I have tired the standard proceedure many times with no luck. HELP!

Russ Valentine

Importing is never the correct way to transfer Outlook data. Nor do Contacts exist separately from your other Outlook data. Clarify what you did to create this "backup."Russ Valentine

Karl Timmermans

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To ask some more pointed questions beyond the one posed by Russ:

#1 - "have a back up copy of contacts" ---------> Format of these contacts is? (pst, csv, xls etc)

#2 - "cannot import them into Outlook" ---------> where there is an action - there should be a "reaction" or more specifically ---> by <cannot> you mean what exactly? What messages occured or what did/didn't happen that you thought should/shouldn't happen?

#3 - "I have tried the standard procedure" ---------> which was what exactly? the steps you follow depends entirely on the answer to #1 including whether or not it was/is even necessary to use the "import" function (if answer to #1 = "PST file" then "importing is not necessary")

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