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Hi all

I am using Office 2010, Windows 7 on an Exchange Server.

I can view my colleagues shared calendars, for the past few months, however I am looking to schedule a meeting with my co-workers in the new year.

I go into Calendar - look for a free day that I have, then I view my colleagues calendars, and nothing shows up after Dec 31st 2010. However they can see my schedule, and they also have schedules in the new year on their computer.

I have gone abouts removing their shared calendar, and re adding it, same issue persists,

this is also the kicker, if I go into Mail - and goto New Items and say Meeting, and invite select users, when I click on Scheduling I can see their calendars for January/Feb and so on in 2011, but not i nbthe Calendar section.

is anyone ever had this issue, or is their a possible resolution for this.

I have also gone about creating a new profile for mail, and NOT importing anything previously, the issue still persists

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Diane Poremsky

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When you use the meeting scheduler you are looking at the Free/Busy.

Are you caching their calendars? Try right clicking on the calendar folder and choosing properties then clear offline data - the new data should resync.

Also, are you looking at the live calendar in their mailbox? More than a few people have copied the calendars to their own mailbox and wondered why it didn't update.

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