Share calendar between two Outlook 2010 OR 2007 without exchange where both users can make appointme

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If I have two users with Outlook 2010 or 2007 without exchange. What can I do to allow them to share a common calendar where both can make updates to that calendar???

I thought I could simply share a calendar via the office online with another user. Then when the other user subscribed to it I thought they could make additions.

After doing this I found the user subscribing to the calendar could only do a " New Meeting Request" . The " New All Day Event" and " New Appointment" is either grayed out or NOT allowed for the shared calendar. Only the user initiating the calendar sharing can create appoinments.

So how can I share a calendar where both users can make changes to the calendar?

Do I have to have both users publish their calendars and they only make appoinments on their own calendar and then overlay the calendars to get a complete picture? Or is there a feature I am missing?



Ezil Vinoth

If you want to share only calendar, then setup a Hotmail account installing Outlook connector in both the computer, so that you can use the same calendar in both the computers.
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