can not export contact file microsoft outlook 2002

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when trying to export my contact file in outlook to a dos file, or anywhere for that matter, it says "ms outlook can not start the required translator. This feature is not currently installed. I do not have the disc to install it, I am using a sony viao laptop with windows 7. how can I fix this problem. I am running ms outlook 2002

it asks if I would like to download it when I say yes it asks for a disc that I dont think I have.

Gordon B-P

What is your purpose in exporting in the first place? (And BTW, you don't export to a "dos" file - there's no such thing as a "dos" file...)

Karl Timmermans

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How to fix? - Requires the CD for the version of Outlook/Office installed on your system. If you had the CD, the process would be to:

- rerun the setup routine via Add/Remoe Programs
- use Change option
- Use Add/Remove Features
- set Importers/Exporters to be installed
- complete setup

The Import/Export translators cannot be downloaded separately for any version of Outlook - without the CD, you are out of luck.

Some alternative options are:

CodeTwo Outlook Export (free)

ContactGenie Toolkit (export function does not require registration)

ContactGenie QuickPort (import/export - not free)

Re: MS-DOS versus Windows text files

Just to clarify Gordon's response - Outlook does provide the option of exporting to either a MS-DOS or Windows text file (not sure of anything else that does) - description of the difference between the two can be found in (but likely to be more of hangover from days gone by then something that would actually be used these days:

How to import and export text data by using Outlook

Now that the options of exporting have been identified - if the purpose of exporting is to move Outlook information from one system to another - exporting is not the way to do it since an Outlook 'XP (2002) PST file can be opened in any version of Outlook.

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