My Outlook 2010 Beta Trial ended, I need help getting email and contacts.

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My Outlook 2010 Beta Trial expired on me and I need to recover some saved emails and contacts from the program. When I start the program it goes to a box that says my trial has ended and will not let me do anything. If you click anywhere in the popup it closes the program. Please tell me there is a way to recover this info.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Well, you could buy the program.

Or you could download and install the released trial version - that's fully functional for 60 days.

Did you not see the many notices that warned that the beta was going to expire on October 31st?

Vinay - G

Outlook data is stored in the form of PST file if your account type is POP3. You need to uninstall Outlook 2010 beta and install Outlook 2010 full version and it will automatically pull all your Outlook data.

You can locate the PST file under the following location.

Navigated to C:\Documents and Settings\ Username\Local settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

You can copy the PST file and save it in a different location or an external hard drive.


Sorry, accidentally voted your answer as helpful - I'm new here, just thought that I could rate helpfulness from 1-10, turns out that's not the case.

I'm another one who didn't get the 'many notices' saying that the beta was expiring - they all went to my spammy hotmail address that I don't use for correspondence, only for logging in when Microsoft forces me to not use my gmail address.


I installed the trial version and it didn't pull the other emails over....
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