Deleted items from IMAP account in Outlook 2007 disappear! How do I route them back to "Deleted Item

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I have my work email set up with an IMAP account using Outlook 2007. I'm VERY, VERY frustrated because every time that I delete an email--it completely disappears instead of routing to my " Deleted Items" Folder. I wish Microsoft would stand behind their products and give a definitive answer for how to resolve this issue. I've been scouring the message boards all morning and wasted half my day trying to figure out where my emails are going.

This is ridiculous.

Roady [MVP]

IMAP in Outlook 2007 doesn't support the concept of a Deleted Items folder. Instead, it gets marked as deleted (strikethrough font) and you can set an option to automatically or to manually purge your deleted items (in your IMAP account settings, press the More Settings... button).

If you have not set the option to automatically purge your deleted items upon changing folders, or purged your mailbox folders manually, then your Deleted Items are still there but hidden from view. Use View-> Current View-> IMAP messages to show them all (by default the view is set to Hide Messages Marked for Deletion).

IMAP in Outlook 2010 lets you configure a folder which you can assign as a Deleted Items folder so that deleted messages will be moved to that folder.

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Howard .. I totally agree... Very, very stupid, why wait - we need a fix for this NOW

Gordon B-P

Howard .. I totally agree... Very, very stupid, why wait - we need a fix for this NOWWHY? Everyone is used to it.....It's not stupid at all - it's the way IMAP works and always has done and always will do. You need to know that IMAP is completely different from POP mail. It MIRRORS the folders on the mail server instead of DOWNLOADING the email.

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