Sorting out sent messages. How can I consolidate 3 sent message directories and successfully retain sent messages across 3 differnt computers using th

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Soon to be teacher

I use 3 different computers and at various times have used 2007 Outlook, 2010 outlook and Windows mail for email on each. I am wondering if there is a way to consolidate my sent mail into one central repository as it seems the sent email is only accessible from the computer that I sent the email from. Furthermore, it seems that certain sent emails are only accessible within the version of email I created it on. lastly, the problem is compunded because I seem to have 3 different "sent" mail boxes named "sent", "sent items" and "sent messages" all of which are populated exclusively. I have no idea why one is saved in one sent directory versus another. I use an Imap server.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide.emember - This is a public forum so never post private information such as email or phone numbers!

Brian Tillman

Outlook 2010 will place outgoing items into the Sent Items folder on the mail server for IMAP accounts. That's the default configuration. Why do you believe it's not happening?

Niyamath Khan

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