Missing .pst and .pab files after reinstalling Outlook 2010

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After my system crashed, the only way to get it up and running again was to reinstall Windows 7. Then I reinstalled Office 2010. I want to restore all my email messages, folders, contacts, calendar and account information, but I cannot find the *.pst or *.pab containing all my personal data and I had A LOT. I didn't make a recent backup because this was an unplanned reinstallation. Doesn't Outlook 2010 keep these files somewhere? Or when you reinstall does it delete or overwrite all the existing data? I reinstalled it to the same location as it was previously. it shouldn't have just blatantly overwritten or deleted all my previous data. If so, that is unacceptable.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

When you reinstalled Windows 7 did you have it reformat your disk? Or did you just reinstall over your old install?

Have you tried doing a search of your hard drive for the .PST file?


Ezil Vinoth

Did you take a backup of your PST file before re-installing Windows 7? If yes, you can get the data back in Outlook.
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