Changed Views of Inbox causes column changes

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I have Windows 7 Office 2010 but had the same problem in 2007. Each month when I do time entry for billing I change the Inbox view to only show emails from the previous month. I do the same for my Sent folder. The problem is when I revert back to a normal view the From and To columns are often changed so that; in the Sent folder the To column has been replaced with the From column and/or in the Inbox the From column has been replaced with the To column. The obvious work-around is to delete the column and add the correct one using the Field Chooser. Has anyone else run into this and found a fix? I've checked the View Settings and the correct fields are listed.



Brian Tillman

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Sounds like you're not choosing the Sent To view in the Sent Items folder or the standard Messages view in Inbox when you change back.