outlook profile keeps corrupting even after creating new profile

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I work in Outlook 2007 on an exchange server. I have a lot of custom views and rules in outlook. Many times one will quit working, or my changes won't stay put. Responses on this forum suggested I create a new mail profile. Plus, i've started creating custom views only when running outlook in safe mode. I have disabled all add-ins i can find. I've deleted the .ost file, and run scanpst on all my pst files. None are over the size limit. I have created dozens of new mail profiles. But this still happens repeatedly.

So, before i start all over, is there something else i can do? Perhaps clean a registry key, or re-install outlook with a clean slate? Anything that I can try?

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

What anti-virus software are you using?
Have you ever scanned your hard drive for errors?



symantec anti-virus

also have cyber armor firewall and pointsec encryption

haven't scanned in the last few weeks. can certainly do that tonight, but know it's been done the past few months.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Scanned for errors or scanned for viruses? I'm wondering if you might have a bad sector or 3 on your hard drive.

You could try doing a repair install of Office, I suppose. Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Office 2007 | Change...



Thanks for your suggestions. The scan disk showed a couple of bad clusters; i can't find the event log.

A virus scan runs every night, but i set it to run tonight at " deeper" settings.

I've been reading the forums, and these answers to similar questions look like possible next steps. Please let me know if you think i should perform these actions. Also, if I do a repair install, do i need to have the original disk? This is a corporate install, so i will need the IT support folks to do that.

How to reset Outlook 2007 completely

My recommendation:

1. Go into the two %userprofile% microsoft\outlook folders and delete all of the files. (http://www.outlook-tips.net/beginner/filepath.htm)

2. Go to Control panel, Mail and delete the profiles.

3. Go into the registry and delete the outlook key - then do a repair install The key is at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook.

(There is a second outlook key with addin info - that shouldn't need to be deleted. )

Outlook Tips: http://www.outlook-tips.net/

Mail profile keeps getting corrupted

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Try to delete the profile keys from the registry and then create new profile and verify the status.

Note: Take a backup of all your Outlook data before you delete the profile keys from registry.

Follow the steps below:

1. After taking the backup of Outlook data, close all the windows and click on start>run

2. Copy and paste the below line and click ok

3. Regedit

4. Go to the location - HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/Windows Messaging Subsystem/Profiles

5. Right click on Profiles and click export and export the registry key to any known location

6. Expand profiles folder and delete all the sub-folders

7. Close registry window.

8. Restart the computer

9. Create new profile, configure email account and verify the status.

Sachin Shetty

If you are using the corporate computer you must get help from IT department and to work on the registry, admin passwords are required.



yea, i tried them, but they are so backed up, it's usually easier to do it myself. I have admin privileges on my computer.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Did you have scandisk fix/mark the bad clusters?

Also you might try this:

To turn off Enable write caching on the disk, follow these steps:

Click Start, and then click My Computer. Right-click the hard disk, and then click Properties. Click the Hardware tab. Click to select the hard disk, and then click Properties. Click the Policies tab. Click to clear the Enable write caching on the disk check box, and then clickOK. Click OK to close the Local Disk (C:) Properties dialog box.Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each hard disk that is installed in your computer.



yes, i had scandisk do a repair. I also unchecked the write caching option.

i'm about to do the repair install....so hope it all works!!

thanks for your help.


ok, i'm back up and running. that was a real pain.

I'm back to plain/vanilla outlook. So, my plan is to routinely copy my profile as i rebuild my custom views, etc. So, if it corrupts again, I'll have the " last known good" profile.

i'm a bit concerned, because all of my rules, while disabled, were still there when i opened outlook for the first time. I thought those would have been deleted when i deleted a ton of outlook registry keys and folders. but, i'll just have to see.

My system seems a bit slow and sluggish, but i did another scandisk last night, so i think all is well there. I'll just be sure to move slowly and backup/copy routinely, so i can go back easily. Plus i'm going to read up on these forums on any tips/tricks i may not know to increase performance.

thanks for all your help. If you have any other advice, please let me know!


ok...i'm back where i started. If i use a standard view for messages or tasks, and i sort it or group it, it will retain those settings until i reset it in the custom view box.

wheni build a custom view, (and uncheck the group by arrangement box), if i make any sort of " on-the-fly" change like sort or group, the custom view will maintain the new change.

i've tried several different options and arrangements, closed and restarted, rebooted, .... still happens.

Do I have an incorrect perception of views? Seems to me that the " simple list" view, especially as it is a system view, should remain consistent all the time...if you re-sort, it should return to its official set-up next time you select that view.

what is the point of having standard or custom views if they are not " permanent?" or why have columns that can sort, if you can't put them back the way they were?

I'm going to post this as a new post, hoping i'll get some additional suggestions.
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