im having trouble going from one mail server to another on my computer

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the computer came with windows microsoft live id and hot mail mail exchange but now i am downloading microsoft office 2010 with outlook on it and am having trouble getting it to work . it says that my windows id for messenger with email that i had on the other account wont let it transfer over but that it is kindof like blocking the exchange because it is the main one i dont understand computers at all so this is very confusing to me. so i started a new accout id. but it didnt work either. im confused. why is a id so important. it says that outlook has to be online but my internet is always line. i dont get it. also the little flag at the bottom of the screen next to the internet connection has an x by it. i dont know what this means . i think it means that i need virus protection which i just bought and am trying to install next after this is solved. does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my computer.



Remove all email accounts and re- add them and check if it helps.

If that does not work create a new profile for outlook.

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