Outlook - Conversation view by email address rather than subject

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I work for a company that sells a large number of products using Amazon MarketPlace.

All buyer emails are sent to one address (enquiries[at]...). Many of these emails have the same subject (Faulty item, for example) but are from different people.

We wanted to upgrade to Outlook 2010 and use the new conversation feature but this works on the premise that a conversation is based on the email subject. Whereas we would class a conversation as anything sent to the buyers email address.

So what we need is to sort the emails by 'received' (because the oldest emails must be done first) but also show any emails received and sent previously - an email history for each buyer.

Ideally, we would like to do this through the conversation feature, as that also shows the sent items.

I would like to know if this this possible?

Thanks for your time.


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Can't you just click Arrange By and select From?

If that's not sufficient you can go to the View tab click Change View and adjust the sorting and grouping any way you like.


Thank you for your reply Ben.

Clicking sort by From would show the emails in alphabetical order. Unfortunately, that is no good from a customer service perspective as we need to answer the oldest emails first.

I have tried every which way I can think of using the custom views but nothing groups emails by 'From' and then sorts them by Date.

If you group by 'From' and try to sort by date it just sorts each persons emails by date - so you have emails from Dave sorted by date and emails from Tom sorted by date but nothing that groups Dave's and Tom's emails then sorts those groupings by date.

To simplify things, we want all emails in a standard date sorted view but for each 'From' email address, we want to be able to see all previous conversation history (all emails sent & received to that address).

I hope all that makes sense


Here is my attempt to depict things graphically;

From To Subject Date (Sorted by)

Tom Ryan Apples Jan 21st 18:34
- Ryan Tom Apples Jan 21st 18:04
- Tom Ryan Pears Jan 10th 13:45
- Ryan Tom Pears Jan 10th 10:24

Dave Ryan Oranges Jan 20th 09:36
- Ryan Dave Oranges Jan 20th 09:31
- Dave Ryan Oranges Jan 20th 08:55
- Ryan Dave Oranges Jan 20th 08:48
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