Need help in merging data from multiple .pst data files into one .pst file.

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I have Office Professional 2010 using windows XP Professional. My PC crashed and was wiped clean and then had everything reinstalled except Office. I purchased 2010 and installed. Set up new profile and got running but did not have any of my info. After this was done, I found a backup of my old 2007 .pst file. I managed to open and got all my old data, but now I have several .pst files. I would like to be able to only have one file containing all my data in one file.

Russ Valentine

Why do you "several" data files? From your description you should only have two. Tell us the rest of your story. Did you set up more than one email account and designate each to use its own file? You can designate each account to use the same file if you prefer in the configuration settings for each account.

Russ Valentine

Ezil Vinoth

Follow the steps be merge multiple PST files.

The old 2007 PST files which you found, copy and paste on the desktop in the computer which has Outlook 2010.

1. Open Outlook 2010

2. Click on File> Open> Outlook data file

3. Browse to desktop and open the PST files one by one, which you will see in Outlook.

4. Drag and drop all the data from one PST file to another to get all the data in one PST file.

Restart Outlook and verify the issue, you can right click on the PST file and click "close" the PST which you do not want.
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