How to export and import account settings?



I would like to be able to export account settings from one computer and then import them to another computer? How can I do that?


I set up the computer so that I can access my Outlook emails while logged on to two different user accounts. I have changed the data files setting so that they both point to the same place.

In order to save me re-entering everything for the account settings I followed the link, exported the Outlook registry key on the user account where I have all set up. I logged off then logged on to another user account on the same computer, imported the same registry key. I checked the account settings on the second user account but I found nothing changed.

Gordon B-P

Then presumably it doesn't work. How difficult is it just to enter the information manually? Not very...


Well I personally have 7 email accounts to set up. I set up email accounts for myself and for other people using IMAP 4 so that one can access emails with mail reader on more than one computer so set up apart from using webmail.

By the way. what is AFAIK?

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook doesn't back up accounts - you can use PRF files if you need to rebuild the profile often but its not worth it just to move to a new machine. You could try exporting the registry but if the computers are not 100% identical, it can introduce bugs which will require you to make a new profile. See for links to 3rd party tools and other information relating to backing up outlook.


Would the profile file have all the account settings? Where is the file on the system?

As I said above I have exported from one user account and import to another user account on the same computer. This doesn' work either. I wonder why?

Russ Valentine

As Diane said, you cannot export account settings reliably. Just recreate your accounts. You would have had it all done by now if you hadn't been pursuing this dead end.Russ Valentine