I can't open outlook on windows 7.

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spider girl

I get a User Account Control box asking whether I want to let the UnknownPublisher, Outlook, make changes to my computer. I click yes. Outlook opens for a brief second and then closes. I don't remember the last time I opened Outlook; probably this time last year when I printed out a paper calendar. I have tried using the Microsoft troubleshooter and opening in XP mode and administrator mode. Going to try rebooting next. Thanks in advance,
Spider Girl.

Ezil Vinoth

Which version of Outlook have you installed on your computer?

Check in safe mode.

Hold the Ctrl key and click on Outlook icon and open in safe mode and verify the status.

If you face the same issue in safe mode, create a new profile for Outlook and check.

spider girl

I have a disk that says Office 2000 pro upgrade - I probably installed that when I got my computer about a year ago.

I tried safe mode using the control key. The same thing happens, except Outlook comes up for about a whole second instead of half a second. It seems like something is closing it down. And it's weird that there's the box saying"unknown publisher." I would expect microsoft to recognize itself.

I started to make a new profile, but I don't want to set up an email browsing account. I just want to open Outlook and print out my calendar for 2011, which already has all my friends & family's birthdays, and my daughter's visitation schedule on it.


spider girl

Thanks. I looked at that. I chose the compatibility mode option bc Windows troubleshooting suggested it (when outlook wouldn't open). Now I don't know how to not open it in compatibility mode - it seems to choose that as a new default... or not. Honestly, I can't tell. It just won't open.

When I reboot, it will open for a second or two and then it closes down. Repeated attempts to open Outlook cause it to open for less than a second, or not at all.

I tried all sorts of troubleshooting and opening it different ways (including as administrator) but nothing works.


Ezil Vinoth

You can also create a new profile and open Outlook without adding the email account. After which you can open the old PST file in which you have your calendar data.

1. Start>Control panel> Mail icon.

2. Click on show profiles, click on Add.

3. Type the name of new profile, click ok.

4. Click on ok when you get the window to add the email account and click ok again for the prompt.

5. Select the new profile to "Always open this profile" and click on ok in the mail window and open Outlook.

6. When Outlook opens, click on next and select "no" to add email account, check the box "continue without e-mail support" and click finish.

To open old PST file click on file>open and double click the PST file and check for data in Outlook.