Microsoft Outlook Social Connector error

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Isabella Office Team

I have installed the Microsoft Outlook Social Connector For WLM (outlook 64 bit and add on) however when i try to log in it says Invalid Username or password and i have checked both email and password multiple times and tried changing my password on MSN just in case. But without any luck am i doing something wrong ????

Have you tried restarting it

Office version Outlook 2010 64-bit Add-ons 64-bit Win 7 Home premium. Full internet connectivity.

Hello, Thanks for your time. However the instructions did not solve the issue. I am still getting the same error, Also the web link provided in the above article relates to the hotmail connector for receiving mail. I am just using the social connector.

I have also tried disabling the firewall but without much success, After this it said successfully however keeps requesting the password and now says unable to login.????

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

Uninstall the add-in then install the Outlook Social Connector update available in KB 983403. Verify the status post installations.

Have you tried restarting it


Still no luck. I have reinstalled all the social connector and with the update. I also followed all the instructions from the post previously. I also have tried it with another hotmail account and changing my password to a simple lower-case password all with no success. The firewall is disabled and all other connectors Linkedin, facebook are uninstalled.

Below is a list of the software related to web installed, I dont know if any of these are know for interfering with outlook 2010 ?

IE 32bit and 64bit

Chrome 32 bit

Firefox 32bit

Windows live essentials 2011 (all except family scanner)

ESET smart security 4 64 bit