How can I export a .pst file without a working copy of Outlook?



Original Title: How can I export a .pst file WITHOUT a working copy of Outlook?

I have put myself in a bit of a jam.
My computer had Outlook 2003 preinstalled on it which was removed when I installed the beta of Outlook 2010.
As you all know Outlook 2010 has ran out so I don't have a working copy of Outlook 2003 or 2010 now.
I have about 500meg .pst file which has emails from over a few years that I can't get into.
How can I get this file into my Windows Live, Gmail or POP3 account?
I would like to save the emails and contacts that are in this file.
Thank You....
PS...Thanks for any ideas on working this problem out...

Russ Valentine

You can't, of course. Only Outlook can access a PST file.Russ Valentine