getting error message "please wait while windows configures microsoft office single image 2010" whe

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My computer came with home and student 2010 plus trial version office pro 2010. I removed the trial and installed outlook 2010 stand alone. I get the message " please wait while windows configures microsoft office single image 2010" when I open outlook. HELP please

Ruchi Bisht

Uninstall all the versions of Office 2010 from the computer by following the steps mentioned in the article below.

Note: Ensure that you have the disk and the product key for re-installation of Office 2010 and Outlook 2010. Instead of Office 12 folder look for Office 14 folder.

Restart the computer and re-install Office 2010 and Outlook 2010 and check

Ruchi Bisht


I do not have the disk for home and student because it came with the computer (oem) so if I uninstall all office I cannot reinstall office home and student.

I do have the outlook 2010 disk that I bought.

Ruchi Bisht

Uninstall and reinstall Outlook by deleting all the Outlook keys from registry to do this,
Note: Back up the registry before you modify or delete any key:
1. Click Start->control panel-> programs->programs and features.

2. Look for Microsoft Outlook and click change.

3. Click continue for Add/remove features.

4. Click on the little arrow attached to Microsoft Outlook and select not available.

5. Click Start->Run and type regedit->click ok.

6. Locate the key HKEY_CURRENT USER/Software/Microsoft/Office.

7. Look for Outlook key right click on it and select delete.

8. Look for Outlook key under Office 8, Office 9, Office 10, Office 11, and Office 12,Office 14 and delete the Outlook key

9. Locate the key HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/Microsoft/office.

10. Repeat the step 7 to 8

11. Close the registry editor.

12. Repeat the step 1 to 3.

13. Click on the little arrow attached to Microsoft Outlook and select run all from my computer.

14. Try to open Outlook and check if it works

Ruchi Bisht

Tromba 2

I had this problem with the entire office 2010 -- with every office app I opened. No suggestions helped. I installed/uninstalled, etc. for months and tried every suggestion on multiple threads. If the suggestions above don't work I'd suggest the solution that worked for me.

It wasn't Office specifically, but had to do with Registry permissions. As I understand it when an office app opens it checks the registry for stuff and if it can't access certain items (because of permissions) it assumes an install is needed. As I read more on this it started to make sense. Microsoft makes a tool to fix registry permissions and after following these instructions all my problems were solved. Not even a reboot necessary. All apps open immediately now.

Here's the link with the information:

I had to alter one thing from the text you copy -- it says %programfiles% and since I have a 64 bit Vista, I had to change that beginning line to %programfiles(x86)%

As he says in the instructions, you replace YOURUSERNAME and suggests quotes if you have a space like this " John Doe" -- I did this also.

It took around 5 minutes or so for this to run but IT WORKED!!!!!

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