Problem with Outlook 2007 - hotmail not coming in, difficulties sending out, many many other problems

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I am on Outlook 2007, Asus laptop running Vista. Several email accounts on Outlook, of which hotmail using Outlook Connector.

I have had a range of problems in recent days.

The most pressing current problem is that my Outlook is having problems with hotmail. It uses Outlook Connector. I am running the latest version. After earlier problems, I have downloaded any updates available.

Currently, it is not receiving hotmail. If I access hotmail in a browser, there is several days worth of new mail there, but my Outlook inbox has not imported mail for four days now.

Last night and this morning, Outlook was also not sending from hotmail. I would have to shut Outlook down and then restart, after which the email would finally go out.

Now it seems to be sending sporadically. But I still receive nothing.

A couple of months ago, something similar happened and I had to delete the account and recreate again.

Last week, I had another crisis with Outlook after trying to convert one of my gmail accounts from Pop to IMAP. This was a total disaster. According to every instruction, I had done the entire thing correctly, but it made my Outlook go completely haywire, so I went back to Pop after much pain and misery.

As a result, I have also dramatically reduced the size of all folders and archived unnecessary materials.

Finally, I cannot find the sync log or sync issues folder. I have looked and looked. I know it's supposed to be in folder view. I have looked up and down that folder list. I have looked inside other folders. I have done endless google searches to see where else it might be. I have used HELP. Nothing has helped to identify the folder.

Ezil Vinoth

Follow the steps below:

1) Remove the Hotmail account from Outlook. Refer to the link below for information on how to remove accounts from Outlook

2) Delete the .OST file(s) associated with the Windows Live account

a. Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run

b. Copy and paste the following text in the Open field and then press "Enter":
%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

3) Delete the .ost file(s) from the above location and install latest version Outlook connector

4) Now configure the Hotmail account using Outlook connector in Outlook. Refer to the link below for information on how to add Windows Live account in Outlook.


Thank you.

I didn't receive a notification of this response, and, as it turned out, the problem resolved itself.

However, there is an ongoing problem of Outlook not closing and repeatedly hanging with a (Not Responding) message.

On a regular basis, it stops loading email and carries a perpetual "Processing" message on all inboxes, during which time nothing comes in or goes out.

Then, I have to cancel the send/receive and the icon in the tray shows that it hasn't closed even after I've manually shut down the process on the task bar.

Sometimes, if I wait a while and log back in, Outlook will start working as normal again.

Sometimes not.

Would you still recommend the actions above in light of this experience, which I just had once again this morning?


Ezil Vinoth

Check in outlook safe mode to see if the same issue occurs.

Hold the Ctrl key and click on Outlook icon to open in safe mode. If you are able to work without any issues then disable add-ins from Outlook and verify the status.

If the above step does not fix the issue, create new profile and check.
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