Outlook 2010 CAN'T Connect to 2 Different Exchange Servers running Exchange 2010?!?!?!?!?!?!

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So I own a few different companies and have a bunch of exchange email accounts running on different servers. All my servers are running Exchange 2010. My computers are all running Windows 7 and Office 2010. I upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2010 because everywhere I looked online (<joke> so I didn't waste my money </joke>) made it seem so simple to add multiple exchange accounts and then have all of them display in one profile to easily access all your mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc in one place.

So here's the deal: I can add multiple Exchange accounts from 1 server without a problem. I can also add Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail accounts as well without a problem (all of which can be done just as easily with 2007). All of these accounts show up just like all the screen shots and tutorials online when you search for multiple email accounts in Outlook 2010. The problem is that I when I go through and add an exchange account from a different server than my first exchange account/server, it shows up in File>Info>Account Information as being added and configured/connecting/etc; but the mailbox, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc do NOT show up for my 2nd Exchange server account. If I make my 2nd Exchange account/server the default, then it messes up the data file for my original exchange account on my 1st Excahnge account/server.

There is NOTHING anywhere online for this. I have looked at over 50 tutorials, forums, etc in the last 2 days with NOT success whatsoever.

Any ideas on this? Am I the only one who needs to sync multiple email exchange accounts from more than one server??? Isn't this what Microsoft marketed as being " one of the best new features of Outlook 2010" ??? (along with the " cool ribbons" )...

Now it looks like I've wasted a few hundred bucks and the last 2 days, just to downgrade back to Office 2007.

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Using multiple exchange accounts on multiple servers works just fine in Outlook 2010 (I do it.) What steps did you use to add the second exchange account? Did you make a new profile or use the same profile you used with Outlook 2007? (Make a new profile). Are you using cached mode?

Does the account work correctly if you put it in its own profile?

Oh, and are these hosted Exchange accounts?



I created a new profile for Outlook 2010 for my " old" email account I was using in 2007 (I deleted 2007 and did a fresh install). I went into my AppData folder and deleted my entire mailbox data, and re-synced my new account in Office 2010. I then set up all my accounts under the same profile " Bryce" . They have different data files under my same profile. I am using cached mode on all my Exchange accounts. I host the Exchange accounts on my own servers, in my various offices.

The steps I did to input a few of my exchange accounts:

1-Exchange Account #1: File>Info>Add Account (Follow the wizard to set it up). Shows up just fine.

2-Closed/Exited Outlook. I did this because it won't let me manually configure my 2nd exchange account with Outlook open.

3-Exchange Account #2 (on same server as Exchange Account #1): Start>Control Panel>Mail>Email Accounts>New Account (Follow the wizard to set it up) Shows up just fine.

4-Exchange Account #3 (on DIFFERENT server than Exchange Account #1/2): Start>Control Panel>Mail>Email Accounts>New Account (Follow the wizard to set it up). Does NOT show up anywhere except File>Info>Account Information. (It says it is synchronizing, but doesn't show calendar/mail/tasks/contacts/etc).

-I have followed the same steps to set up my Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts and it works just fine. They all show up without any problems, it is just my Exchange accounts on my second server.

NOTE: I have wiped everything and done Exchange Account #3/Server #2 first, and it showed up just fine by itself, but then Exchange Accounts #1/#2 on Server #1 did NOT show up, so I know it isn't the ability of the server/my computer to sync everything, it has something to do with adding another Excange Account on a different server than any of my others...

Any ideas???


All right, so I figured it out all on my own. I GOT IT TO WORK!!!! It is actually possible to sync multiple Exchange Accounts on the same server, or multiple servers. But apparently it is NOT possible to sync with multiple Exchange Accounts with the SAME NAME IN YOUR Exchange Profile (set up by the admin on the Exchange Server WHEN IT WAS CREATED). Here is what the problem was:

For ease of following this for anyone else who may have this problem, here is the way my accounts were before (obviously not with my real information):

Exchange Server #1:

Domain: mail.ExchangeServer1.com

Exchange Profile Name: John H Doe

Email John@ExchangeServer1.com

Exchange Server #2:

Domain: mail.ExchangeServer2.com

Exchange Profile Name: John H Doe

Email: John@ExchangeServer2.com

It was getting messed up because Outlook 2010 apparently tracks the Exchange Email Account by the " hard coded" account name in the User Profile (which is set up by the admin, in this case me, AT THE TIME the Exchange User/Mailbox is set up. Despite changing every possible field that has your name in it, you CAN NOT change this once it is created on the Exchange Server, believe me, I tried everything.

So I picked the smaller of my two email accounts (in this case it wasjohn@ExchangeServer2.com), and backed up EVERYTHING locally on my machine (I just created folders to drag the emails into, then exported all the calendar, contacts, tasks, etc). Then I logged on to Exchange Server #2 and DELETED that Exchange Account (Start>Microsoft Exchange Server 2010>Exchange Management Console) AND the USER account (Start>Administrative Tools>Server Manager). Depending on your settings, you may not find the User Account after you delete it from the Exchange Server, so if you don"t see it in the Server Manager after, don"t worry about it.

After I deleted the Exchange Account/User Account, I went back to my Exchange Management Console and &ldquo;re-created&rdquo; my Exchange Accountagain with the following settings (notice it is identical to the one above except I just have my first initial and no middle initial):

Exchange Server #2:

Domain: mail.ExchangeServer2.com

Profile Name: J Doe

Email: John@ExchangeServer2.com

Once it was set up on my Exchange Server, I then changed my name right back to John Doe (because J Doe is hardcoded just as a &ldquo;internal reference by Microsoft&rdquo;).

I went back to my computer, deleted my existing &ldquo;Mail Profile&rdquo; (Start>Control Panel>Mail>Show Profiles>Remove). Once I had a clean slate, I created a &ldquo;New Profile&rdquo; and added all my mailboxes in there.

I started Outlook on my local computer, logged on, and all my emails, contacts, tasks, calendar, etc pulled down from Exchange Server #1. I then &ldquo;imported&rdquo; all my contacts, calendar and tasks from my CSV files on my local computer for my &ldquo;new&rdquo;/Exchange Server #2 email account. I just dragged the emails back into the folders in my email and they all synced back to my Exchange Server #2. So everything is back the way it was before &ldquo;exactly&rdquo;.

It now displays, syncs, and sends/receives with my Exchange Server #1 (all my various email accounts added), my Exchange Server #2 (all my various email accounts added), my Gmail, my Yahoo Mail and my Hotmail.

You may want to change your &ldquo;display name&rdquo; on the Exchange Server, and all that stuff in your profile, so it has all the information you actually want to show at this point. It can even be IDENTICAL to your previous settings and not mess it up because the hard coded &ldquo;profile name&rdquo; can"t be changed.

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