Missing subject info and from info when viewing hotmail account

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I just installed Office 2010, including Outlook and the suggested connector.

When watching my hotmail account, I get no subject or from info (only size and date) in the list of mails.

If I open a mail, it includes the info.

If I move the mail to a local folder, the info is displayed.

If I sort by from, the from info is displayed as the heading for mails from same sender, but not for each mail

Sachin Shetty

What happens when you access mails in the webmail does it appear?

Alsocheck the settings under > file > Options > Advanced > Send/receive > Edit > select the Hotmail account and check what options are selected.



If I view my hotmail account through my browser, everything looks fine.

If I view my hotmail account using Outlook 2010, only the size and the date/time of the message is displayed.

If I use Outlook 2010 to copy a message from my hotmail account (any folder) to a local folder on my hard drive (any folder) all info gets displayed.

If I sort according to subject, the messages get sorted correctly, but the subjects do not get displayed.

If I open a message, all info gets displayed

About the settings:

After clicking Edit, I get teh " Send/Receive Settings" dialog box. My hotmail account is the only account.

The three boxes are checked (include the selected account in this group, send mail items, receive mail items).

In the " Folder Options" below, I only see my local foders.

" Download complete items, including attachments" is selected

If I click " Account Properties" , I don't see anything that may affect anything.

Thanks for trying

Ganesh Kumar N

Try to clear the view using clean views and see if it helps.

Go to Start->click on all programs-> Accessories-> Run-> Type "outlook /cleanviews" without quotes and click on ok.

Ganesh Kumar N
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