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My recently installed Outlook 2010 has me baffled on several counts.

1. It has three inboxes – one under a Favorites heading, the second under Outlook and the third under my email address. Incoming mail shows up in the first and third folders, not the Outlook inbox!

2. All mail arrives already opened.

3. Although these items checked, there"s no sound or notification when new mail arrives.

Can someone please tell me how to just have one set of everything – inbox, sent items, deleted items etc. and to get notification when unopened mail arrives.

Many thanks

Russ Valentine

You'll have to provide more information first. Are we to assume that Outlook 2010 is not your first installtion of Outlook? If so, how did you migrate your accounts and settings to Outlook 2010? Since you appear not want separate data files for each email account, why did you configure Outlook 2010 to allow separate data files?Russ Valentine

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
What type of email accounts do you have cofigured? I'm guessing its an IMAP account (or possibly, the outlook connnector with hotmail account) based on the questions.

1. The one in Favorites is just a shortcut to the Inbox your email account uses. You can delete it from there - but i recommend trying FAvorites for a few weeks, if you have many folders it can make it easier to use the most used folders. When you have an IMAP account, you need a pst for your calendar and contacts - that is where the second Inbox comes from.

2. Do you sync with a phone or a second computer? Messages marked as read is common when you read the mailbox using another device or method and download to outlook using IMAP.

3. Notification doesn't work for IMAP accounts.

You can't have just one set of folders if you use an IMAP account - you'd need to use POP3 and deliver to the default pst file. If you have a hotmail account, you can set the hotmail account as default and remove the local pst file.

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