I cannot highlight text in Microsoft Outlook 2010 e-mails, and copy/paste to the body of another e-m

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Faye at ASET

I used to use Outlook Express 2007. I just got a new computer in October, and now I find that I cannot highlight words, or e-mail addresses that I would like to copy and use for other e-mails. How can I fix this? It is very inconvenient, and the old Outlook allowed this function. When I run my mouse over the words I want to copy, I get the " hand" icon, like that you see when you try to copy PDF files. Text does not highlight. I have tried keyboard command " Ctrl C" and this does not work either.

Priyalatha Narayan

Are you able to highlight and copy the contents in other Office applications (e.g., Word, Excel…?)

Check in Outlook safe mode.

Close Outlook.

Click Start > hold on the Ctrl key and click on the Microsoft Outlook icon. Now check if the issue persists.

Faye at ASET

Yes, I can highlight text, copy and paste in Word, Powerpoint, and copy and paste internet addresses.