Bug? Message size limit checked before attached images resized

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Richard Merryman

I recently had an issue and want to see if this is a bug or if I am just doing something wrong.

When I tried to attach several large JPG images (which I intended to resize automatically using Outlooks resize feature), I received a warning that the message was too big. After a little experimenting it looks like this is happening:

1. Check byte size of total email (before recompressing images to 1024x768)

2. If Size > whatever (20mb?) then display error and abort

It should be like this:

1. Resize all attached jpg images to 1024x768 (reducing byte size by about 90%)

2. Now check if size is > whatever (20mb)

Can someone tell me if there is a workaround or at least do some testing and confirm that this is a bug?


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