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Hello my dearest friends at microsoft,i have a two part question.#1where should i put my dang pointer when i am writing an email??sometimes ill be writing and i guess my little mouse pointer allways ruins my letters?wher should i put that pointer??its very annoying.also i run outlook now how come i cannoct click on the link from a sent email to go to that site??,windows doesnt do shows an error window..#3how come if im running outlook i still recieve mail to my hotmail account..thats very annoying also to have to delete both??not sure outlook is all its cracked up to..i love it but windows is just as good?/well maybe not..and thanx for your allways i await for your response..

jeffrey nally

Black Barron

Reduce the sensitivity on your laptop keypad.. that is what is causing these problems


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dear black barron,,,how the heck do i reduce the sensitivity in my keybord????please helpmy cursor is still as sensitive as ever..i would really appreciate it..also i have an laptop and tried locking my mouse and that made all types of problems..thanx.....jeffrey nally

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