Can I make the account name alert me on changes?



I'd like to collapse some lesser used account tree's but if I do, there is no visual notificaiton of a change inside that account.

Each account tree has a title, it seems a waste that this title does not go bold upon a change (any change) when in it's collapsed state.

I think I remember old Outlooks having an unread tally next to account titles.

Are we moving forward, or...?

Brian Tillman

Senior Member

You don't remember correctly. Outlook never did what you claim (i.e., change the font on the folder root name). Moreover, the names of the folder trees are only incidentally related to the account names.

Why not have a rule alert you via Desktop Alert when new messages arrive for those types of accounts for which Outlook doesn't already display an alert?


Outlook had a unread item tally on the top level of the account tree that would become bold then the account was collapsed. Are you saying that is incorrect? I think you are the one who doesn't remember.

I am away from my computer at times, and may not see a desktop alert - plus, I don't want to be bothered with an alert for every piece of mail. I step out of the office for 10 minutes, I want to glance at outlook, and see what's new. Is that too much to ask?

We have account titles right? It's just plain ole text? That seems like a missed opportunity.

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