Reply message doesn't display sender's part, only displays your own message

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Seems only recently this problem occured. You send or reply to mr. X. Mr. X replies with a message. Your mailbox will have this message from Mr. X, but it looks like your own sent message as it starts with " Hi Mr X, blabla"

You can only see the real message by pressing Other Actions > View in Browser

This is mainly because their email contains this:

<META content=" MSHTML 6.00.2800.1601" name=GENERATOR><!--[if !mso]><STYL!


<BODY lang=NL vLink=purple link=blue>

<DIV dir=ltr align=left><SPAN class=666121614-12112010><FONT face=Arial

color=#0000ff size=2>Hello X,</FONT></SPAN></DIV>

Seems the span class is not defined and hence won't display. Shouldn't Outlook be more rigorous in displaying unknown content instead of just ignoring it ?

Anyone with a better, non user-interactive solution (every user in this office has to do this, I'd like one setting that requires no more action on the user's side) ?

Roady [MVP]

Version of Outlook?

Type of mail account?

Issues like these are usually caused by a virus scanner corrupting the message at either the sender's or receiver's side. Uninstall/Disable this integration and try again. See;

Robert Sparnaaij



Using Outlook 2007 on Exchange 2003 (all patches applied). Antivirus not a problem, using TrendMicro Officescan 8.0 which does NOT have Outlook intergration.

Now situation has escalated.

Outlook now shows messages like this:


Dear xxx.

Well noted with many thanks for your reminder,we will inform A/C ASAP.

but we still have two questions to ask for you.

Thanks and best regards


Using the previous workaround (View in Browser), will display the same !!!!

However, one more workaround (in browser, select Style > No Style), will reveal 2 more lines after the " ...ask for you." and " Thanks and.."

Clearly a display engine problem, not antivirus ! Why isn't there a default setting or button to display incoming messages ignoring all SPAN, DIV and CLASS markup ? Maybe a custom VBscript add-on ? Anyone ?
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