Hit the Reply button and the Send To field is blank

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I have several systems running outlook 2003. After viewing a email, I hit the reply button to reply to the email. The reply display shows but the email Send To field is blank. If the sender's email is in the contacts list it works most of the time. If not, it rarely works. I have to fill in the reply email address.

This fails with a xp home system with outlook 2007.

All have PCTOOLS 2011 Internet security installed.

Any ideas?

Roady [MVP]

Disable PCTools' integration with Outlook and try again. If it still doesn't work, try disabling other add-ins as well. See;


Just to be clear; are you using Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007? Your post is contradicting that way.

Also make sure you have installed all service packs and updates for your version of Office.

Robert Sparnaaij



In the last month, 3 different computers with this problem 2 - 2003 and 1 - 2007.

I installed all the updates. I will work on the computers tomorrow.

I do think it is a PCTools related problem.

Thank You
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