Emails disapearing from Outlook 2010

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All of a sudden, when I recieve and email I can see it for a short moment, then it just disapears. I have search all folders and cannot find it. I have checked the filters and rules - please help as I am loosing important emails.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

What kind of account is this? POP3? IMAP? Hotmail? Exchange? Something else?

You're POSITIVE you don't have a filter enabled?

Do you have any other devices (other computer? Mobile device?) checking your e-mail?

Does this happen even if you start Outlook in Safe Mode? (hold down CTRL while you click the icon) See if this helps:


I just tried it in Safe Mode and it DID NOT HAPPEN. I then checked out the article and disabled the I-Tunes add-in. I think it's working now. THANK YOU!

Ganesh Kumar N

Try to open Outlook in Application Safe.

Start->All programs-> Accessories-> run-> type "outlook /safe" without quotes and click on ok.

If it works fine, then disable Add-ins in outlook 2010.

Open Outlook-> Go to file-> Click on options-> select Add-ins towards the left hand side-> Click on go for COM Add-ins-> Uncheck all the Add-ins.

Try to reopen Outlook 2010 and check how it works. If it works fine after disabling the I-tunes add-in, contact i-tunes support for further help.

Ganesh Kumar N